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Our mission is to unlock your real potential.  This is our driving force and passion.  It’s why we exist. We help you make dreams and long held ambitions come true.  So, whether you goal is to get into teaching, or if you’re determined to take your Beauty business to the next level. We can help.

Here at Hensonia, we specialise in the Beauty sector. We’re UK based. But we work with private individuals and organisations the world over – we deliver our services remotely so where you live and work doesn’t really matter.  We never let location get in the way of success!


We are incredibly proud of our 100% pass rate.  We think this speaks volumes.  Business owners who work with us get great results too.

So, what makes us different? We care.  We never forget that you are an individual. And we treat you as such.  So whether you need a tutor, mentor, or coach we can give you the support you need.

Our service is tailored to you. We know one size does not fit all. Flexibility is the key.

Confidence is often the key to success and we never forget that. We believe that personal touch is what makes the difference.  So we build our learning and coaching plans around you so because we live in the same world as you do – the real world. And if you’re anything like us you live a busy life too. Juggling work and home life is never easy is it?

Funny though isn’t it? How busy people find time for important things. Things like personal growth and development. Deep down most of us know that if we want to change our outer worlds we need to work on “us” first.

The good news is if you’re reading these words you are seriously considering how to take on board new skills so you can make things happen.  Here at Hensonia you’re never on your own – I’m with you every step of the way.

Together let’s make it happen.


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