Hensonia Quality – Our services & support packages explained…

I’ve been involved in delivering and managing both Internal (IQA) & External Quality (EQA) for over 30 years – which means no matter what your requirement is, we can probably help.

Are you opening a training centre?

Are you already operating a training centre and need an IQA?

Do you wish to employ apprentices and need a work based assessor or IQA?

Do you need a “fresh pair of eyes” to review your quality provision?

Over the years I’ve worked with most of the Awarding Bodies.  We’re sure you’ve have heard of some of them…

  • Open Awards
  • Cibtac
  • City & Guilds
  • Cidesco

I’m known for the breadth and depth of my expertise – which means I’m qualified not only through my qualifications but through sheer hard-won experience.  I have an eye for detail. I know what quality and best practice looks like.

Would your centre benefit from having a top quality provision safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to promote great teaching and learning. Get in touch for a relaxed no pressure chat today.

I don’t do contracts or tie-ins. Payment is strictly pay as you go.

I work cross-sector. But specialise in Education, Beauty, Sports, Spa, Holistic Therapies, and Customer Services – I’m currently working with a well-known makeup training business. So if you’re running a training organisation and need help with internal verification/ quality you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’re looking for some ad-hoc support?

Perhaps you simply don’t want/need to recruit train a staff member until you become busier.

Maybe you just want someone who knows their stuff to coach your existing staff to ensure your quality process is up to scratch so you’re always ready when the EQA/EV comes to visit!

Hensonia provides top-notch, flexible, affordable quality & end point assessment solutions to businesses internationally, and across the UK  

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