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If your goal is to gain new qualifications to enhance your career but you can’t see how to fit studying into an already busy life, distance learning could be for you.

As the name suggests, distance learning enables the learner to study without the need to travel to a classroom. As a result, study times can be adjusted to suit your existing work and family commitments.

Although distance learning does mean that students have reduced opportunities to mix with other learners, this is balanced by a closer 1-2-1 relationship with your tutor that learners may prefer.

There is also the benefit of increased flexibility: learners can agree a study schedule that enables you to complete the course at your own pace. For some, this means gaining a qualification in weeks, while others can study at a much slower pace.

Our world is shrinking

The Internet and online communication technologies like Skype have completely revolutionised the way we all communicate and it’s quite possible for a learner to be based in one country and the tutor to be based in another – as long as we both have a digital device and a good broadband signal!

The digital revolution

Screen sharing technology now makes it easier for us to not only see and hear each other but also to share learning materials including videos and online slides, to improve your learning experience.

With good diary coordination it’s possible for us to come together, even if it happens to be night where you are and morning where we are or visa-versa.

Personal development

In our fast-changing world of work, personal development is usually the key to stepping up to a new professional challenge or preparing for an upward career move.

While gaining a teaching qualification is an obvious next step if you’re planning to embark on a teaching or training career, it’s not the only reason you should consider taking a foundation teaching and training qualification. So, If you’re an employee, showing your bosses you’ve invested in yourself and gained some new skills will show you’ve keen to step up to a bigger role – especially if your new role will involve delivering coaching or training others, or pitching products and services to prospective customers.

But regardless of your role, the real benefit of personal development lies in having gained confidence from learning new skills. Success breeds success.

Whatever your motivation, investing in training and personal development is never lost. Think if it as an investment in you and your future.

Here’s what one of my recent learners had to say about studying with Hensonia having completed the Level 3 Award in Education & Training:

July 2019

Hi Suzanne,

“I have really enjoyed completing my LEVEL 3 AWARD in Education and Training with Suzanne.  After much research, I decided that doing the course with Hensonia was the best option for me.  Suzanne explained the course well and what commitment was necessary to complete it.  She was supportive but kept me on track with deadlines and continually gave constructive feedback on the assignments.

It has been an ideal way to further my education in a way that fits with my other work and personal commitments.  Even though, it is distance learning, I felt completely supported and knew that I could contact Suzanne if I need to ask a question.

I would highly recommend Hensonia to anyone looking to further their education.”

Emma Williams

Director The Business Solutions Clinic

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